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Dynamic Transformation is Here

Choosing a location where your business will grow requires a community dedicated to transformation. 的 Greater Wichita region is characterized by relentless determination, regularly challenging the status quo. We are driven by world-class talent, powering a commitment to innovation. And our business-friendly policies are matched by some of the lowest business operating costs in the nation.

Much more than a static backdrop for your goals, the Greater Wichita region offers a place where purposeful partnerships create dynamic growth 和 community transformations.


Manufacturing-Specialized Region in the U.S.


U.S. Advanced Industry Hotspot


Below National Average 的生活成本


Engineering Hub in the Nation


Highly Skilled Employees with a Remarkable 工作 Ethic 

Why Our 劳动力 Is Second to None

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Businesses Begin, Innovate, 扩大 Here

  • 的 Greater Wichita region is proudly the Air Capital of the World where the aerospace manufacturing industry took off with Clyde Cessna 和 a generation of aviation pioneers in 1916
  • Today global aviation companies, educational 和 training programs, breakthrough research 和 development make Greater Wichita a powerful aerospace ecosystem
  • Koch uedbet开户 Inc.嘉吉蛋白质 are the two largest privately held companies in the U.S. 和 both are headquartered in Wichita, Kansas
  • Birthplace of household br和s Pizza Hut, White Castle, Coleman

Ten Important Elements to Greater Wichita’s Success

Low Cost Of Operation

Affordable 运营成本s 和 Business-Friendly State

  • Kansas ranked #4 among all 50 states for a business-friendly regulatory environment in a non-partisan, non-profit 50-State Small Business Regulation Index (Pacific Research Institute, 2015)
  • Kansas is one of only eight constitutional right-to-work states
  • Commercial energy rates are 8.5% below the national average
  • Kansas offers the 5th lowest industrial natural gas total delivered cost in the nation
  • All purchased business equipment receives 100% tax abatement

Relocate 和 扩大 Here

Prime Global Location

的 Greater Wichita Region is Central to Success

  • Wichita, Kansas is one of the Top 50 largest U.S. cities (2016 Census data)
  • 的 region’s central location gives direct access to both coasts, Canada 和 Mexico from I-70 going east 和 west, I-35 going north 和 south
  • Three major rail carriers — BNSF铁路, 联合太平洋铁路, Watco公司 — service the region
  • 的 new $200 million 威奇托德怀特·D. Eisenhower National Airport ranks as a Top Five small hub airport in the U.S. with 13 non-stop destinations from seven airlines


Bold Initiatives for Growth

分享d Focus Brings Rapid Expansion 和 Renewal

  • 的 Greater Wichita Partnership consists of 130 investors, including both public 和 private organizations, businesses 和 regional partners, working toward shared goals
  • An economic strategy to grow the region — the Regional Growth Plan — was adopted in 2018 to guide aggressive economic initiatives to accelerate growth in seven target sectors
  • Almost 14,000 survey responses received for 项目威奇托, a collective vision 和 action plan for the region over the next ten years
  • Attracting 和 retaining talent is a key focus with effective marketing 和 employer tools, 锚定在 选择威奇托

Proof of Progress Is Here


Executive Vice President of Economic Development


的 Greater Wichita Partnership st和s ready to assist you in identifying specific opportunities within the region. 联系 us directly for strategic solutions, 激励, presentations 和 reports designed to help you.

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